Why you are Better off Baking your Own Cakes

If you love cakes (and other baked items) it might be irresistible to avoid entering a cake shop or getting your supplies from your favorite convenience store or supermarket. The baked products you get from these commercial outlets are packaged in the most alluring and mouth-watering manner you can think. However, if you have ever tried home baking, you know that what you get from such sources is actually a raw deal for there are distinct advantages when you do your own baking.

The ingredients
If you are concerned about healthy eating, the ingredients of your cake should matter. When you prepare your own cake, you are in the driver’s seat and you only use the ingredients you know to be healthy.

When you buy a cake from a convenience store you cannot say with any confidence that you know the exact ingredients of the product you are buying. You know, for instance, that the cake you are buying contains eggs but can you be sure that these are real freshly-shelled eggs?

The fact is that in most cases, commercial bakers will use dried egg powder in place of eggs. What of the butter? True, the product you buy has the smell of butter but how can you be sure that what you smell is real butter and not some butter flavoring?
When you bake at home, you do not have to worry about such things. You know you need real butter and fresh eggs and those are the products you’ll use. If you desire, you can use whole wheat flour and add in vegetables and fruits as you find fit.

The cooking fats and additives
Commercially bakeries usually use cheap commodity cooking oils which might be not be good for your health. To keep their products on the shelf for a long time, commercial bakers use loads of preservatives. To make the product physically appealing, artificial colors are used. For the flavor, commercial bakers have plenty of artificial flavorings including tartrazine which is alleged to cause ADHD disorders.

When you compare the taste and smell of a home-made to that of the convenience store one, you know that you are losing a lot by not conducting your own baking. By baking at home you are assured of a whole, healthy and sweet smelling product which you can produce in just a few minutes.

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